About Me

I’m Tonya Renoud—a trained graphic designer that found love in creating paper goods. I live in a little town in Oregon, with my family and our 3 dogs. My husband is a jeep obsessed, overlanding addict who is the man of my dreams! Our two kids seem to be a wonderful balance of his fact based personality and my sarcasm and side eye.  Which makes for a very interesting household. 
AlvaLumos started in 2014, and has rapidly grown, which is so exciting! The perfect mix of adventurous and sassy apparel, real greeting cards that quickly became SnarkyPress and so much more—all designed by me!

1.  I swear, A Lot!
2. I have 5 college degrees, one being in psychology.
3.  I need, NEED coffee.
4. I love hand lettering!
5. I have had the biggest crush on Dwayne *cough* the rock Johnson since he was in wwf (yup I just dated myself).
6. I love Prince, he was a god of music!
7. Jameson is not a choice, it is a way.
8. Oregon Wines are phenomenal and I am blessed to live in this fruitful state and know some truly talented winemakers that supply me and encourage my shenanigans. 

     Think this is all I do? Ha! Check out my ETSY SHOP for tons of other goodies! I have pre-designed wedding, birthday, baby shower invitations and so much more!